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Brazilian academy coaches Fabricio Monte (Santos FC 2003-Present) & Luciano Santos (Santos FC 2011-2019) present Beyond Juggling: Volume 1, a groundbreaking curriculum of pair juggling games for elite soccer players. Produced in collaboration with globally-recognized cognitive training experts MBM and education entrepreneur Cal Christopher, this entertaining volume of 30 games will challenge the technique and cognitive ability of your players like nothing they’ve experienced before. 100% compatible with social distancing guidelines! 


A Player Is Not An Island

A solution to the mind-body problem, and a new dawn for technical training

For “technical training” to be fully transferable to the game, it must integrate soccer’s cognitive elements. While isolated technical exercises – such as conventional juggling, dribbling around cones, and passing against a wall – can help provide a foundation, they have reduced impact on player development at an elite level. This is because they do not replicate the game. Out on the pitch, every technical action is combined with perception and decision-making tasks. Our actions with the ball only occur while our brain is faced with an overload of multiple variables – time, space, opponents, and teammates. This is why no player is an island unto themselves in soccer. In the cauldron that is a competitive game, technical actions are always performed under a taxing cognitive load.

To future-proof players for the game of tomorrow, technical training methodologies must recreate this cognitive aspect. This includes vision and awareness, the ability to quickly process and filter information, and fast and effective decision-making. It is these traits – rather than pure technique – which separates players in the top professional divisions from players in the lower ones. The groundbreaking Beyond Juggling curriculum, designed and endorsed by some of the world’s leading player development experts, focuses on all of these elements. Through a challenging and addictive pair-based curriculum, players must show a high degree of technical skill while simultaneously carrying out a variety of cognitively demanding tasks. Sounds a bit like the game of soccer, right?


Challenging cognitive tasks are at the heart of the curriculum. Decision-making, task switching, reaction speed, memory, synchronization, anticipation, concentration, and mental endurance are all trained in a variety of fun and creative ways.


A large section of the curriculum specifically trains players' vision and spatial awareness. Forced to disconnect from the ball, players must read and respond to visual cues while simultaneously keeping the juggling rally alive.


While performing a range of brain games, players must execute increasingly demanding juggling combinations that require different touch quantities, weights, directions, and surfaces. Ball control, first touch, and ambidexterity are all developed.


The curriculum also includes juggling games that develop players' physical attributes in a fun, competitive way. These games train not only coordination but balance, rhythm, and muscular endurance - all alongside technical skills!​

The Creators

Luciano Santos

Luciano Santos & Fabricio Monte are two of Brazil’s top talent developers, boasting over 25 years’ combined experience coaching in Santos FC’s esteemed youth academy – a superstar factory that has produced the likes of Pele, Neymar, Robinho, and many of the latest samba starlets. With decades of soccer and futsal expertise in one of the world’s most competitive youth hotspots, Luciano and Fabricio’s recent graduates include Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Emerson (Chelsea), Giovanni Manson (Ajax), Gabriel Barbosa (Flamengo), Kaio Jorge (Santos FC), and Yuri Alberto (Santos FC). For Beyond Juggling, Luciano and Fabricio have teamed up with online learning designer Cal Christopher, as well as experienced cognitive training consultants MBM. Together, they have taken the much-loved Brazilian art of pair juggling games – a pastime as Brazilian as samba, sunbathing, and soccer itself – and supercharged it with the technical variety and cognitive complexity needed to develop players for the future game. Buckle up your seat belts!

Fabricio Monte


Fabricio & Luciano's former players currently represent:

MBM Consultancy

Cognitive training experts MBM (Michel Bruyninckx Method) have helped refine the Beyond Juggling methodology and curriculum to maximize its effectiveness. MBM Founder & Author Michel Bruyninckx is a Belgian UEFA A Elite Youth coach, lecturer, and brain training expert who is often cited as one of the key figures behind Belgium’s football revolution and “golden generation” (Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Dries Mertens, Vincent Kompany, Romelu Lukaku, Axel Witsel, and others). At KRC Genk, the Belgian club where Kevin de Bruyne was developed, Michel’s consultancy and input has contributed to the success of the club’s academy. In the current Belgium U17 squad, 10 of the 22 selected players hail from Genk. Genk’s academy is now the world’s sixth most prolific exporter of players for Europe’s top 5 leagues, ahead of FC Barcelona. Michel’s innovative methods have also led him to consulting contracts with Real Madrid, AC Milan, FC Metz, Senegal’s Génération Foot Academy (Sadio Mané), and Qatar’s Aspire Academy. The Beyond Juggling programme is officially endorsed by MBM – a team which includes former AFC Ajax coach Ed Graper – and is set to become a key part of the home practice curriculums of elite European clubs. 



Young people develop best when they are absorbed in play. This is as true for soccer players as it is for life. While individual technical training does have its place in providing a foundation, it lacks both a playful and a competitive element. Beyond Juggling turns technical training into an entertaining game - then supercharges it by adding different types of cognitive load.


Build a competitive pair juggling culture among friends, team-mates, and even family members. Create healthy rivalries on a small-scale, or go a step further and create tournaments and leader boards for your entire club. Duel in the living room, in the backyard, at a friend's house, in the schoolyard, at the practice field, or in the locker room. Culture always wins!​


Get thousands of intelligent touches anywhere, at any time, and on any device! All you need is a ball, internet access, and two players. Each game is filmed in HD from multiple angles and is accompanied by comprehensive written instructions. Become the Beyond Juggling king of your friends or family, then start combining games together for the ultimate cognitive test. ​


Yes. We recommend there is a minimum distance of 2-3 meters between each player during the games (not due to Coronavirus – this is actually the recommended distance anyway). Players who are technically more advanced can increase this distance to 5 meters or more. Beyond Juggling’s value in a Covid-19 world is not just about social distancing though. With players not participating in team trainings or games for an extended period due to the global soccer shutdown, they need a solution that replicates the cognitive demands of a real soccer game. Beyond Juggling provides this in a fun way, through its emphasis on decision-making, vision, task switching, reaction speed, memory, synchronization, rhythm, and anticipation – alongside its technical benefits. Of course, the program will be just as beneficial for players once the Coronavirus situation improves and social distancing regulations end. The design and creation of Beyond Juggling dates back all the way to the middle of 2019.

Volume 1 features 30 games. 

The program is aimed at elite players only. This is because the curriculum is very demanding, both technically and cognitively. We recommend the program only to players who can comfortably do at least 200 solo juggles. As long as a player can do this, their age doesn’t matter – players from as young as 9 all the way up to adults will quickly become addicted to the games! A wide variety of progressions and rule variations are also included, to provide infinite levels of challenge. Please note that all games require two players. 

Each game can be played either competitively (two players battling each other, for points) or collaboratively (working together to make the longest rally). Guidance is given inside the program on what counts as a technical error and what counts as a cognitive error. A fun point-scoring game is H-O-R-S-E, where the player who makes a mistake gets a letter, and the first to get all 5 letters becomes the HORSE and loses the game. If players prefer to play a rally game without point-scoring, it’s still possible to add a competitive element by using a stopwatch (to time how long they can keep the game alive without any technical or cognitive error).

We sell solo licenses to individual players (presently this is only available to players in the USA and Canada), and bulk licenses to large soccer organizations. 

No, the program is a long-term, open-ended curriculum. It is not a finite course with a set beginning and end point. The platform is designed to become a part of a player’s daily soccer culture and lifestyle. In Volume 1, there are 3 levels and 30 games in total. All levels and games are available from the start and players can choose to access them in any order. 

Personal licenses for Volume 1 are currently available as lifetime licenses.

Yes, a device with internet access is required to log in to the portal and view the videos and curriculum content. We have experimented with an App for offline access, but found it was not as reliable as browser access, slower, and gave a poorer user experience. This is why access has to be through a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or Firefox). Each video in the program is approximately 1 minute long, so even if you cannot use WiFi, only a minimal amount of data is used. 

Our Terms of Service prohibit the sharing of account logins and passwords, and the portal itself restricts logins for each account to a maximum of two devices at a time. We educate players about all these requirements as part of the onboarding process. 

In development since 2019, Beyond Juggling: Volume 1 is now available for purchase! Created by some of the world's leading player development experts, Beyond Juggling transforms traditional solo juggling practice into an addictive, pair-based brain game. Develop your technique and cognitive ability side-by-side, while having a blast!

Beyond Juggling

Volume 1
$ 199
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  • 30 challenging games
  • Cognitive development
  • Technical development
  • Coordination & rhythm
  • Addictive game design
  • Access on any device
  • No monthly or yearly fee